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We provide the best products regarding manufacturing scopes in the domestic and national level. Manufacturing the rubber products, HDPE pipes of international standard, delivering the engineering services, prestressing services, laboratory services of the highest quality, in a prompt service, within the given time, at the reasonable prices are our goals to fulfill our customers’ aspiration.

Metal Products

Live Wedges

Anchor Cone

Anchorage Head

Anchorage Head

Strip Seal

Slab Seal

Rubber Products

Elastomer Pad

Rubber Products

Our Product Categories

 NRE is specialized in manufacturing in all kinds of Bridge Bearings such as Elastomeric Bearing, Slab Seal baring, Rubber Seal etc.

As the part of rubber products, NRE is also focused ion producing Automobile rubber components

Furnitures cannot be a full finished product without rubbers. All kinds of rubber that are extensively used in furniture are in NRE

Water Stopper, P type Seal etc

Irrigation rubber Seal

Door Mats

On demand we can manufacture other rubber related products, like Rubber Sheets, Natural Rubber Sheets, Silicon Rubber Sheets, SBR Rubber Sheets, Neoprene Rubber Sheet, Electrical Resistance Rubber Sheet, Vition Rubber Sheet, Insertion Rubber, Rubber Sheet for Gasket, Rubber Sheet for packaging, Hydraulic Hoses, Steam Hose, Air/Water Hose, Suction Hose, Sandblast Hose, Carbon Free Hose, Fire Hose, Duct Hose, etc.

Our Services

Prestressing System

Pre-stressing is the process by which a concrete element is compressed, generally by steel wires or strands. Precast elements may be pre-stressed during the construction process (pre-tensioning) or structures may be stressed once completed (post-tensioning). Pre-stressing compensates for the tensile stresses introduced when the element is loaded. Hence, the concrete generally remains in compression. We provide all the necessary pre-stressing accessories: Anchorage Set, Sheathing Pipe and Pre-stress tendons/Cable/Wire.) We take our work seriously and provide the services of profiling, stressing and grouting in the predetermined time. We feel proud in ourselves, that during the year first year of service to till date, we have zero complain from customer side. So, handover your pre-stress jobs to us and be tension free

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